Xbox and PS4: Immerse yourself in the adventurous gaming word with the latest Xbox and PS4 consoles. Choose your favorite style of gaming by competing directly with another play, virtually over the internet with friends from around the globe, or against yourself. Console gaming at MEGAPOLIS features Wi-Fi controllers to minimize any obstacles while playing and to ensure a smooth gaming experience from start to finish.

Future Next Generation Games: With the continuous developments and enhancements in the worlds of gaming and technology, MEGAPOLIS is proud to bring to Qatar a diverse array of the most high-tech games to date including: Grid Race, Mini Rider, and roller coaster simulators. In addition, MEGAPOLIS features: the Transformers DX unit, Storm Racer Gs, Dark Escape 4D, Super Booth-Photo Booth (SEGA), Mach Storm, Alpine Racer Skiing, Dead Heat Single, Power Boat, Allied Tank Attack, Dead Storm Pirates, Batman Driving, FEX Water Game and Stinky Feet. Gamers will be sure to enjoy these high-end gaming experiences in 2D, 3D, and 4D options.