Stay fueled for hours at MEGAPOLIS by savoring a wide variety of dining options. Looking to grab a quick bite to eat, opting for something sweet to satisfy that craving or choosing to relax and enjoy a full meal, we’ve got it all.

Diner Station

Discover the best of American fusion food at Diner Station. Join us in our all bright, retro-futuristic welcoming setting.

Telephone: 4437 8488 / 3333 5288


Sushi Bar

Sushi lovers will find everything they’re looking for at MEGAPOLIS’ lively Sushi Bar. Offering an extensive menu of both Japanese and Western-style varieties ranging from, Uramaki, Futomaki, Temaki, and California Rolls to Nigiri and Sweet Sushi, diners will want to keep coming back for these mouth-watering selections.

Build It Burger

Is a build it yourself burger experience having all fresh ingredients with a wide selection available for you to build the desired outcome for your own favorite burger.

Telephone: 4437 8411 / 3303 0888



You can never go wrong with a cup of delicious Arabic Karak at this cozy tea lounge which offers pastries, snacks and local delicacies complemented by ancient Khaleeji music and a soothing traditional ambience.

Telephone: 4437 8477